Leadsframe Pharma Ecommerce App Dashboard

Ecommerce Android App along with Admin Dashboard is a key for the exponential growth of pharmaceutical business.

An Ecommerce Android App is a mobile application designed to facilitate buying and selling of products online. This app provide existing vendors/merchants a convenient way to browse through a catalog of products in same division or multiple divisions, add them to a cart and place order very easily. Customer Order history is maintained, he can easily reorder with changes in quantity anytime.

Features of Ecommerce Android App:

Customers can easily download ecommerce app from play store or shared link.

Customers can create accounts, save their personal information, and manage their order history.

A well-organized display of products or services with images, descriptions, prices.

Users can search for products using keywords and apply filters to narrow down their choices based on categories, divisions etc.

Customers can get update of their order by notification.

MR schedule –easy access of medicine related information as created before going to show to respective doctors.

Share App-have facility to share app with other customer using app itself.

Customers can add products they intend to buy to their cart, review the items, and proceed to checkout.

Push notifications to keep customers informed about order updates, promotions, advertisements and new arrivals.

Easy to Use

LeadsFrame Call Center Solution is very efficient to use for business growth. Agents can download this app in their smart phone and in app itself he can update customer’s related remarks.

More Secure

LeadsFrame provides you the more secure environment to work. Chances of leads leakage are bare minimum.

Customer Support

For Customers satisfactions and loyalty we are providing effective customer support. Customers can reach us by phone, email, live chat, social media, whatsapp etc and can get immediate solutions.

Features of an admin dashboard:

An effective admin dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of the ecommerce operations, enabling efficient management and optimization of the online store's performance. All orders are visible to Admin, in admin dashboard and appropriate action can be taken by admin in time and customers get immediate notifications about his placed orders.

Easily add, edit, delete and manage product listings, including descriptions, prices.

View and manage customer orders, update order status by notification.

Manage customer’s accounts. Once customer do registration then admin verifies it after that only he can place orders.

Easy to create and manage promotional campaigns, discount, and special offers.

Also providing Advance users Roles as Accounts Department, Transporter, Order Manager and Super Admin.